Mover Marketing – Google Adwords Case Study

Mover Marketing:  How to Turn $18K in Google Adwords (& Bing) into $136K of Revenue

I am going to show you, with hard data, how one local moving company spent $18,540.74 on Google Adwords and Bing Ads and cashed in $136,962.00 directly as a result of that spend.

Wow, talk about a huge return!

But before I dive into the hard data, let me tell you a quick backstory.

Back when I worked at (the travel site, not the now-defunct moving lead gen site), we spent well over 8 figures per year on Google Adwords  (8 figures = a bunch more than $10M per year).

Crazy huh?

Not really actually.   That 8-figure spend brought in more revenue than it cost us.   Everyone loves making more money than they spend!  That’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

When we started in 2012 we noticed that buying clicks from Google Adwords for terms like “Chicago Movers”, “Orlando Movers”, and “Atlanta Moving Companies” could drain your wallet faster than the blink of an eye.   Companies typically paid $10, $15, or even $20 per click.


I ran a quick check in the wonderful SEO/SEM tool Ahrefs to check the latest cost per clicks, and Ahrefs reports “chicago movers” costs $17 per click, “atlanta moving companies” costs $18 per click, and “orlando movers” costs $16 per click.

2018 07 31 at 11.36 PM

Not much changed since 2012, did it?

With clicks costing so much, how can a local mover make a profit using Google Adwords or Bing Ads?    A bunch of companies certainly advertise on those terms:

2018 07 31 at 11.07 PM


Looking at that data, I often wondered:

Can Local Moving Companies Make a Profit With Adwords?

I honestly thought that very few companies, if any, could turn a decent profit spending on Adwords (and Bing Ads) when paying $15+ for a single click.

Then I met a crew from an ad agency specializing in search engine marketing that claimed amazing results for one of their moving clients (a local moving company).    I asked to see the data, and they agreed to share.

Check these results out:

2018 07 31 at 3.17 PM

Let me summarize for you:

Spend:        $18,540.74

Revenue:  $136,962.00

Now that’s a good return on investment!

Who performed this feat of magic?   Our good friends at TENSHI, an advertising agency who focuses on search engine marketing, who were nice enough to share their results (thanks TENSHI!)

Do they harbor some magic formula to mastering mover marketing, especially when it comes to SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and specifically Google Adwords and Bing Ads?   No, they don’t claim any Harry Potters on staff.   However, they do know their game and relentlessly optimize campaigns in order to lower click prices and maximize conversions.

Employing engineers who specialize in machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) certainly helps too.   To give you a sense of the complexity involved,  TENSHI applied two sets of machine-learning algorithms in this campaign to lower the costs over time and raise the conversion value per cost, all while optimizing for multiple location parameters.   It’s quite technical, but this human and AI approach ensured an optimization would take place every 15 mins to drive considerable results.

Take a look at this graph for example and you can start to understand great results don’t come overnight.  Over the course of 5 months, TENSHI accomplished the following:

  • Cut the average cost per click in half
  • Quadrupled the number of clicks

2018 07 31 at 3.18 PM

Results didn’t pour in overnight, but took many months of careful optimization.

Take a look at this more detailed view:

2018 07 31 at 3.18 PM 1

You can see the average cost per click dropping from $10.95 at the start of the campaign to $5.17 by month 5 and total clicks rising from 166 to 693 in that same time period.

So Can Your Moving Company Get These Results Too?

My favorite piece of advice to tell people when they ask if they can make money using Adwords in the moving industry is, “hire a really, really good expert.”

For example, our best SEM manager at Orbitz had degrees from IIT (one of the best technical schools in India), an engineering undergrad from Stanford, and an MBA from Northwestern.   He wrote programs that optimized our ads by the hour (or more frequently) in response to a multitude of variables, including location, booking availability and pricing changes.  Not work for the faint of heart.

So What Should You Do?

The high cost per click and intense competition for moving keywords can make Google & Bing advertising a dangerous game.  Tread carefully if you want to dip your toe into the water, and follow the rules of thumb below.

These apply if you plan to spend money on Google Adwords & Bing Ads, or any other paid ads:

  1. Track your ROI every day and make sure your tracking is accurate:
    • How much are you spending on ads?
    • How much revenue are the calls, clicks and emails turning into?
  2. Optimize, optimize, optimize!
    • What keywords, ad text, ad creative, and other ad characteristics perform the best?   Spend more on these and create variations of them.
    • What does not perform well?   Shut these off.
  3. Repeat this process every day (seriously)

I love when hard data proves me wrong about something I thought was nearly impossible.     This case study shows local movers can make a profit bringing in traffic from Google Adwords and Bing Ads.    Success requires constant vigilance and high levels of expertise, but the numbers don’t lie.

A big thanks to TENSHI for sharing their data with us!

If you’re a mover or mover marketing agency looking to increase your leads check out our free moving leads & review collection programs.  Take a few minutes and read our blog post on 3 incredibly simple things you can do to boost your SEO as well, it gives a couple super easy changes you can make to your website to boost your organic (free) traffic from Google and Bing.

Questions?  Leave a comment and we’ll try to answer!

3 insanely simple SEO tips you can do NOW to boost your Google traffic (and leads)

3 mover SEO tips you can do NOW to boost your free Google traffic (& leads)

Every mover wants more free Google traffic.    This free, or organic, traffic comes to your website when you rank for terms people search for in Google.     People that search for terms like, “Chicago movers”, “Salt Lake City moving companies”, or “movers in Orlando”, see your company’s website, click on the result and land on your website.   Boom!  You now have an extremely qualified visitor that hopefully you can turn into a customer.

So how do you get on page one for certain terms?   Which terms will bring the most traffic?  Which terms can you rank for?    Great questions!   I’ll answer those in this blog post, as well as tell you how to do three simple things today that will get your moving company ranking higher for the best terms within a week or two.

Ok, let’s get you ranking!  Do these three simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  tips today and see your rankings and free traffic jump.  Oh yeah, we included a couple little-known bonus tips to give you an extra boost!

  1. Optimize your html title tag to mention your company name, city, and the word “movers”
  2. Make sure your html meta description tab contains a snappy description that sells prospects on your company
  3. Put your address and phone number on your homepage

Mover SEO Tip #1 – Put Your Company Name and City in Your HTML Title Tag

This tip is ridiculously easy for you or your web developer to make.  It should take no more than a few minutes and deliver results within a week or two.    See the bonus section to give this change an extra boost.

First off, what’s an html title tag?   It’s a little piece of code in your website’s HTML code that shows in the browser tab.   Here’s an example using J&J Metro Moving & Storage:

2018 05 16 at 10 33 pm

Here’s what it looks like in the actual html code:

2018 05 16 at 10 36 pm

Why is this important?   Because it’s what Google uses as the title your listing in search results!

2018 05 16 at 10 42 pm

Why does that matter?   For a few HUUUUUUUGE, important reasons:

  1. Consumers use it to decide if they should click on your search result
  2. Google uses it to figure out which search terms your site should appear for.  Did you know consumers search for “Orlando movers” 450 times per month but only search for “Orland moving companies”  250 times per month?   Which would you rather rank highly for?
  3. Google watches how many people click your search result versus other search results.   If your listing entices searchers to click more than other search results then Google will rank you higher.
  4. Lots of consumers search on mover names!   Check out the search volumes for these movers in Chicago we got from SERanking, a great SEO tool we use.    2 Guys and a Van clocks in with 480 searches per month, Coffey Brothers Moving brings in 320, and The Professionals Moving Specialists has 210 Google searches per month.    Those numbers nearly match the more generic search numbers we see for Orlando (keep reading to see them)!
    • 2018 05 16 at 11 02 pm

So what’s the perfect title tag for your moving company?   Well, let’s see what the sites that do SEO (Search Engine Optimization – or “ranking high in free Google listings”) really do:

Yelp & the BBB:

2018 05 16 at 10 49 pm1


2018 05 16 at 10 49 pm

Every one of them makes the company name an important part of the title.   Yelp mentions photos and reviews, the BBB brags about themselves, and HireAHelper includes the phrase, “Movers in Orlando”.

To give your mover website the best possible html title tag optimization, we recommend:

  1. Putting your company name first
  2. Putting a keyword for your city after.   For good keywords, check out the Google search volumes for these Orlando moving terms.  We pulled these from, a fantastic SEO research too.
    • 2018 05 16 at 10 53 pm
    • “Movers Orlando” has the highest search volume, followed by “Orlando Movers” with a bit less.

Using our example, some great html title tags for J&J Metro could be:

“J&J Metro Moving & Storage – Orlando Movers”

“J&J Metro Moving & Storage – Movers Orlando”

I’d personally recommend the first, as consumers reading that result will likely appreciate the better grammar and click on it more.  Make the change today and see how fast you shoot up the search results for your company name and the keyword you chose!

Mover SEO Tip #2 – Pull Google Searchers in With A Compelling HTML Meta Description

You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a HTML meta description?   Great question!   In your website’s code, it looks like this.  This example is from Stallion Moving Services in Denver.

2018 05 16 at 11 11 pm

Heh?  What is all that gobbly-gook?    Here’s the important part!   Google uses your site’s meta description as the text in your search result!    Here it is in action:

2018 05 16 at 11 16 pm

You’ll notice that the words Google uses come right from the meta description in the code on Stallion’s page.

Why is this important?   A 2017 study of the top Google ranking factors by listed your search listing’s Click Through Rate (CTR) as a very important signal to Google as to how high they should rank your site in search results.

This means the more compelling your description, the more people will click on your listing, and the higher Google will rank you.

So how do you craft a crazy-compelling description that makes searchers want to visit your site?   Read these three simple tips to find out:

  1. Read the descriptions of the top ranking search results and use them as inspiration:
    • 2018 05 16 at 11 23 pm
  2. Read the ad copy of the top ads on the page for inspiration:
    • 2018 05 16 at 11 24 pm
  3. If you run adwords ads, look at your ads that perform the best and see what the ad copy is.  Use that to help you craft a great description.

Mover SEO Tip #3 – Put Your Address and Phone Number on Your Website!

This sounds incredibly simple and easy, and it is!   However, the number of mover website we come across that don’t list their address is astounding.   Here’s why your address and phone can help:

  1. Your address and phone help Google determine where your moving company is!   Without it, Google may have trouble knowing if you’re a Boston mover or Austin mover.
  2. Consumers may get frustrated and leave if they can’t easily find your address and phone on your site.   You want to know another signal Google uses to figure out how high you should rank?   The time people spend on your site after landing on from a Google search.   Don’t confuse them and make them leave right away, show them the info they want so they stay and give you a call.

Hopefully you found these three simple tips helpful.   Now what are you waiting for?  Go make the changes!

. .  . but before you do, keep reading for our bonus section that has a few little-known tips to help boost your Google ranking further.

Mover SEO Tip Bonus Section – Get A Quality Link (and More Free Leads)

Bonus time!  Thanks for sticking with us this far.   Do these three things to give your Google efforts a quick, easy boost.   One’s easy (under 10 minutes), one’s a little harder (15-30 minutes), and one may only work for those movers willing to put in more than an hour (but the reward is really worth it!)    On to the bonus tips:

  1. Bonus Tip #1 (free! takes 5 minutes):  Make sure your profile on MovingCompanyReviews has the link to your website, and that the link is correct.   Here’s a great example from Moving of America in New Jersey.
    • 2018 05 16 at 11 41 pm
    • Why is this important?   Because Google counts links to your website as votes for it!    All links are not created equal.   A link from a quality site (in Google’s eyes) counts much more than a link from an unknown website.   Google counts links from MovingCompanyReviews as high-quality links and a strong vote for your website.
    • IMPORTANT:  some websites will put a “nofollow” attribute on links to your site.  That tells Google to ignore the link and not give it any value.  Not us!  We want to pass the Google ranking benefit on to our movers.
  2. Bonus Tip #2 (free! takes 15 minutes):  Get enough reviews on your profile to make it on to our first page of search results for your city.   We rank our search results by the number and the rating of reviews, so take a look at your city and see how high you can go.   Here’s the great news – you can do this for no cost.    Just tell your customers to review you on MovingCompanyReviews.  Or better yet, try a free month of our Review Advantage review collection program where you can upload your past customers’ emails and we’ll give them free coffee for writing a review.     This will make your listing pop and stand out from others:
    • 2018 05 16 at 11 48 pm
    • Why is this important?   Because the higher your listing is in our search results, the more important Google thinks it is!    Google tends to give higher importance to links that come earlier on a page, and by ranking highly in our search results you can tell Google your site is important.
  3. Bonus Tip #3 (free!  takes a few hours): Get a real estate agent to recommend you!   We just rolled out this feature for top real estate agents.  We give them their own “recommended movers” page.   Getting an agent to recommend you will not only give you more referrals, but it will rank you higher in our search results and give you more clicks and leads.   We count a recommendation from an agent higher than a good review, so getting recommended is a fantastic way to shoot up our search results rankings.   Take a look at a great example of how a real estate agent recommendation makes a company stand out:

2018 05 16 at 11 54 pm

If you know any agents interested, have them drop us a line at!



Hopefully these quick SEO and mover marketing tips help your company increase your free Google traffic and free leads.   If you have deeper questions or would like to contact us, just drop us a line at

How to Attract More Customers

A Free Business Listing allows consumers to research your licensing, request free quotes from you and review your moving company. The best part is, it’s totally free! There are many other moving companies for consumers to choose in your market— how will you stand out from the competition? That’s where we can help.

Here’s how to attract more customers to your Free Business Listing on

1. Check Out The Competition In Your Area

  • How many photos have they uploaded?
  • How many recent reviews do they have?
  • What’s their overall rating?
  • Do they respond to reviews?
  • Are their licenses up to date?
  • Have they included social media links?
Now search for your business listing, how does it compare?

2. Claim Your Business Listing

Your company may already be listed, and can already be reviewed. You just don’t know it. By claiming your listing you’ll receive email alerts whenever a consumer writes a review or requests a quote from your business.

We recommend using an email address you monitor daily. This is where we will send all notifications and fully detailed quote requests… For free!

Get started here.

3. Drive Customers To Your Business Listing

Use our Free Badges to drive more traffic to your Free Business Listing. Your badge code is located within your Dashboard after signing in to your MCR account.

In Pre-Move Emails use “The Find Us On” Badge

In Post-Move Emails use “The Review Us” Badge
Ask for a review when you email customers their Bill Of Lading. They’ll always open it. See more tips on our Badge Guide.

4. Use Our Advertising Programs

We are constantly coming up with cool ways to help movers book more jobs and generate reviews on our site.

Our most popular program is Review Boost:

  • We’ll email your customers on your behalf and collect the review
  • We’ll thank the first 10 customers who provide a verified review with a Starbucks eGiftCard
Read more about our Advertising Programs here.

5. #BeSocial

Sharing your Free Business Listing on all of your social sites is a great way to promote your listing. Example Tweet: “Review Us for a Free Domino’s Pizza on @MCRforMovers (Add a link to your business listing here).”

Let potential new customers know you’ve got past customers rooting for you. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Badges | Share Your Reviews

Let new customers know you have existing customers rooting for you, with our badges.

So… what are badges? Social media badges easily link customers to your online profiles. When used successfully, badges encourage people to choose your company over competitors.

Our badges are an eye catching, one-way ticket to your MCR business listing. They allow customers to easily research your licenses, read & write reviews, and request quotes.

Getting Started

Tip: If you have a Free Business Listing on MCR, your unique Badge Code is located within your Dashboard under “Badges”.

How to add our badges to your:

I. Website or blog

II. Email Signature

Recommended first stepSelect an option above to link to the corresponding guide below. Review and follow the instructions. Let us know if you’re having trouble at Stay savvy and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Adding a badge to your email signature in Microsoft Outlook.


Microsoft Outlook will require you to save the image and then link it to

Here’s how to do that in 3 steps.


Step 1. Right-click and save the badge size of your choice

Find us on Find us on Review us on Review us on

Step 2. Add the image to your signature by following the instructions in Microsoft Outlook’s Help Guide.

Step 3. Link the badge to MCR.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge – link the badge to your profile page.

ii. For the “Review Us” badge – link the badge to your review form url. This can be found at the bottom of your business listing by selecting WRITE A REVIEW.

Adding a badge to your email signature in Gmail.


Gmail will require you to add the web address of the image to your signature, and then link it to

Here’s how to do that in 3 steps.

Step 1. Copy the Image URL located next to the badge of your choice

Find us on
Review us on

Step 2. See Gmail’s Guide For Creating Signatures if you’re not sure how to access your signature. Once in your signature settings, select the image icon (circled below), then paste the Image URL of the badge in the “Image URL” box.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.47.35 AM

Step 3. Link the badge to MCR.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge – link the badge to your profile page.

ii. For the “Review Us” badge – link the badge to your review form url. This can be found at the bottom of your business listing by selecting WRITE A REVIEW.

Adding a badge to your website: HTML Code.

Step 1. Select the badge of your choice from our badge code generator.

Step 2. Paste the badge code to your website, and replace the area of the code marked “ADD YOUR URL HERE” with your profile page url or review form url. See Step 3 to locate the url’s.

Step 3. Locate your profile page url and/or review form url.


i. For the “Find Us On” badge

ii. For the “Review Us” badge

Truck Talks With…All My Sons Moving & Storage in Phoenix

Like many moving companies, All My Sons Moving & Storage is family-owned and operated, with four generations of moving experience over the last 20 years. Today it is a large national partnership with nearly 40 locations nationwide.

We recently chatted with Ron Clair (GM) and Jeff Akin (Director of Business Development) from All My Sons Moving & Storage in Phoenix, to find out more about how their location focuses on building relationships with clients to deliver the best moving experience.

MCR: When booking a move with you, what can customers expect?

All My Sons Phoenix: Bottom line, the best moving experience ever. Our first-rate services include quilt-pad wrapping of their furniture, disassembly and reassembly of the same and the allowance to leave clothing in their dressers. We provide white-glove service at its finest.

Clients can take advantage of our pristine packing and unpacking services or opt for do-it-yourself packing. We work hard to understand your moving needs before ever lifting one box. We are all about relationships, education and communication. And we really believe that with each client, it is not a one and done but a long-term relationship that will last a lifetime.


MCR: Tell us about a challenge thats unique to being a part of a large franchise. And how do you overcome it?

All My Sons Phoenix: Technically we are not a franchise. We are employee- owned and just as we build relationships with our clients here in Phoenix, we must have outstanding relationships with other offices around the country with open communication. We are all part of the big picture and it will take all of us to continue our success and push our growth as we move forward.

MCR: Do you have any fun industry lingo you want to share with our readers? (i.e. “put a bead on it!”)

All My Sons Phoenix: “Laughing” for sure.  It’s not industry lingo but we use a great movie quote. Before our drivers go out to handle their Pre-Trip inspection, we use the quote “Let’s kick the tires and light the fires baby.” Can you name the movie this quote came from?

MCR: Aside from helping customers have happy moves, how do you help bring happiness to your community?

All My Sons Phoenix: We work with our Chamber of Commerce and work closely with Move for Hunger. We volunteer time with certain events through Move for Hunger. We actually had our trucks out at the R n R marathon here in Phoenix and picked up over 7500 pounds of food for Move for Hunger and took it back to St. Mary’s Food Band for distribution. Also our foreman John worked last year with his club and All My Sons and collected 2500 toys during the Christmas holiday and took it directly to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We have amazing employees.

MCR: Tell us about some of your most memorable moves.

All My Sons Phoenix: There was a time we worked with a pro baseball player when relocating his family for MLB, his son’s bed was made out of old baseball bats. We also moved a huge musician and went to do a visual for them and had the opportunity to play in his studio together for hours.

MCR: What’s the best advice you could give about moving across the country?

All My Sons Phoenix: Do not take the Internet as the gospel. So many independents are now using reputation defenders to clean up their reputation online or placing fake reviews online. Find a ProMover and to take it to the next level, find a Certified Moving Consultant. The Certified Moving Consultant credential has come to represent a fundamental competency and adherence to ethical conduct of the sales force for the Household Goods Moving & Storage Industry.

MCR: What’s your favorite part of the move process? 

All My Sons Phoenix: When we hear the clients’ feedback on how great their moving experience was with All My Sons.

MCR: What do you see is the single biggest challenge for the professional moving industry right now? 

All My Sons Phoenix: Quality! There are too many people coming into the industry without the proper skillsets cutting prices to get work. These companies do not follow regulation and work without authority.

MCR: What do you predict is the future of moving five years from now and 10 years from now?

All My Sons Phoenix: Current to five years, we’ll see continued pressure on Congress to strengthen federal consumer protections against rogue operators — unlicensed movers — as well as to require container company compliance with federal household goods regulations. Beyond 5-10 years, it will likely be more container shipping for interstate relocation.