What I Forgot During My Move

published by on May 13, 2013Before You Move Tips

Having gone through a recent move, I know how stressful the weeks leading up to and moving day can be. To help alleviate that stress for others, I took notes on some of the things I wish I had known about before I started packing.

Hold On To Your Keys – this seems like an obvious one but when you’re moving nothing is in its usual place. Be sure to keep your keys in your pocket or in a designated area otherwise you might be digging through boxes looking for them.

Garbage Bags, Everywhere! – When we were moving, these went fast! We obviously used them to take out garbage, but they also made for a cheap and convenient way to protect pillows and blankets as they went into boxes.  We used so many that when we got to our new home we were all out. I’d suggest either having a back up supply or ordering some online to meet you at your new home.

Cleaning Supplies – A lot of cleaning supplies are aerosol or caustic and were not allowed to be packed into our moving truck with us. We ended up giving all of these to a friend as the other option was throwing them away. I found it was really helpful to keep a list of these to make sure we could buy all of the ones we were now missing when we got to your new home.

**Helpful hint: As we discarded or used up items that couldn’t be brought with us, I found it very useful to keep a running list on the Amazon iphone app under their “Wish List” tab. That way I was ready to order all of the replacement items and have them waiting for me at my new address.

Disconnect Utility Services In Advance – All of our utility companies let us schedule our service disconnect which was really helpful to do a couple weeks in advance and not have to worry about paying for services we were no longer using.

Change of Address – Another no brainer which is easy to take care of weeks before your move. The USPS lets you set the date to start forwarding items to your new address after your move date, so go ahead and schedule this as soon as you have an address. That way you won’t miss any important mail! Start here.

Help me make this list better and share some of your helpful hints from your moving experiences!

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