Top Cities with the Scariest Movers

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Moving can be scary enough – packing, address changes, purchasing what seems to be an endless supply of boxes. Avoid a nightmarish move by being extra precautious in the cites with the scariest movers (based on verified reviews with the lowest rated movers – as defined by two stars or less and/or the most caution flags). If you’re moving in one of these cities, visit, to find the top rated movers in your area to avoid your own moving horror story.

1.) New York: 44% of movers had 2 stars or less (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

2.) Houston: 38% of movers had 2 stars or less (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

3.) Miami: 31% of movers had caution flags (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

4.) Chicago: 20% of movers had 2 stars or less (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

Scariest Moving Tactics:

1.) If a mover is not licensed for the services they advertise.

How to conquer your fear: Visit to verify if a mover’s services are licensed.

2.) If a mover has multiple names or addresses listed online.

How to conquer your fear: MCR displays a caution flag on listings for suspicious movers. Also, perform a web search for the mover’s name and address. If results return multiple names for the same address, or if the street view is a storefront or home (and not a real place of business) run the other way.

3.) If a mover has bad reviews on reputable review sites

How to conquer your fear: Visit to see if other consumers have submitted a verified review for the mover in question. You can see how many stars the mover has, if the mover has a caution flag, and if the mover is licensed and insured.

4.) If they don’t provide a written estimate

How to conquer your fear: Require that any mover you hire provides a written estimate. If the mover declines this request, you’re more at risk for surprise charges.

5.) If the quote provided is significantly less than competitive quotes

How to conquer your fear: Get three quotes before you make your final decision. A scary mover might also lowball an estimate only to surprise you with charges on moving day, or even hold your items hostage until you’ve paid the higher amount. Avoid any quote that seems too good to be true.

6.) If the movers show up with an unmarked truck. This suggests that they’ve rented the truck and have uninsured and untrained workers performing the services.

How to conquer your fear: Choose a mover whose trucks you’ve seen around the neighborhood. They’re more likely to be a legitimate mover that others in your area have trusted.

7.) If the movers don’t come to your home to provide an in-home estimate for a large or interstate move.

How to conquer your fear: Don’t hire a mover who won’t come to your home to assess what the estimate will be if your move is an expensive one. An in-home estimate is the best way to make sure the mover completely understands what will involved in the job, helping you to avoid surprise charges.

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