Tips For Navigating Your New Neighborhood

published by on June 17, 2013After You Move Tips

The boxes are finally gone and your house has shifted from cardboard castle to proper home. Time to get your bearings and familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood!

If you’ve moved a long distance, chances are you’re headed for a new moving challenge: replacing all of your old haunts and services, which might include a flurry of paperwork, membership applications, web searching and meeting the neighbors for local tips. Not sure where to start on your recon mission?

Here are 5 Must Know Places In Your New ‘Hood

1. Emergency services – Hospital, police department, and fire stations. Being responsible and knowing where to go in case of an emergency is a must, even more so for newly arrived families. It’s also not a bad idea to know where the closest health care centers and public safety locations are. Aside from emergency care, know the direct line to the local police and where to find a new doctor or dentist.

2. Grocery store – Unless you plan on always eating out, look up a few local grocery stores to stock up on food and goodies at home. Grocery stores also tend to be a hub of local day-to-day happenings, so check out a bulletin board or a city newspaper to hear the news about town.

3. Child care center and schools – Search online to research childcare providers and schools in your area. If you live near your school, take a walk with your child to their bus stop or to their school to get an up-close impression and help your child acclimate to the new area.

4. Recreation center/gym – For those times you need to blow off some steam or just work on your fitness, many cities offer membership programs into community centers with gyms, swimming facilities, and other options. For the children, a lot of cities run municipal summer camp programs which can help your kid meet some new friends, even during summer move season.

5. Take out – After another long day of unpacking and organizing, you might just want to skip the kitchen and go straight to delivery. Knowing how to get some food dropped off or where your new fave take-out pizza place is going to be is a key survival tactic in the early stages of the post-move. All in the name of keeping your new kitchen clean for another night right?

Hope that helps, let us know what makes your top places to look for in your new neighborhood. Remember, getting used to the change in scenery can take some time, but you’ll feel at home soon enough!


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