The Long Road Awaits: Moving With Your Vehicle

published by on June 5, 2013Before You Move Tips


Moving poses many different challenges. Are you going to hire a big van line? Will you need storage? When is your new home going to be ready? With all these issues to deal with, it’s easy to lose sight of another potentially important decision for one of your largest possessions: your car.

Literally right in the middle of our move

Literally right in the middle of our move

Your car can be tough to live without, especially in the middle of a major transition like a cross-country move. It can be the best way to get around and also serves as your command center on the road. When my fiancee and I made the move from Chicago to Santa Monica, we ultimately decided to drive ourselves.

Here are some tips from our personal experience that may help you make the decision on driving yourself or shipping your car.

We had our possessions shipped in a container to California and hit the road. Shipping your things is usually done through a portable storage unit company, many of which specialize in caring for and delivering households on the move. Depending on the company, you might have to pack the container yourself but the company will deliver your unit to your destination.

If driving cross country is not your thing, you can also consider packing your essentials into a suitcase and flying out. There are different ways to get your car from point A to point B without having to drive. Car shipping companies are one option, another one is a driveaway service. A driveaway service is where you leave your car with a hired driver, paying a base rate for the driver and sometimes compensation for fuel and mileage.

We did our homework before our move, and there are a lot of great deals out there. If you choose to have a second party transfer your vehicle, check with your insurance provider to see if there are any special policies for automobile shipments.

Santa Monica Route 66 end

At the end of our journey!

We ended up having a great time taking Route 66 from beginning to end. We planned ahead and brought stuff in the car like the internet router and bedding that helped make the first few nights at the house a little better. I hope that whatever choice you make, your move turns out as well as ours!

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