Self-Storage Tips To Ease Your Move (And Mind)

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Guest post by Ken Susman, of The Online Self Storage Directory makes it easy to research and reserve self-storage facilities anywhere in the United States.

In this hyper-partisan era, there are few things that everyone agrees on. However, one of those rare items of agreement is this: moving can be a real pain, and even more so when you’re moving to a new city. This won’t be news to regular readers of the blog. In fact, it’s right there in MCR’s mission: “we want to make it easy for you to find great movers.”

Finding good movers is a critical step to a successful move. But when people are relocating, there are many other issues to consider. If you’re thinking of renting a self-storage unit as one of your options, here are a few ways a self-storage unit can ease your move – and your mind – when it comes time to pack up and move.

Don’t buy yet! Rent first!

Often, when people are transferred and don’t have much time to find the right place, they choose to rent a house or apartment temporarily so they can take their time before committing themselves to a permanent home. This is something worth considering.

For instance, if you’re moving from Milwaukee to Los Angeles, you might want to spend a few months learning about the traffic patterns to and from your new job before locking yourself into a beautiful home that requires you to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour each way.

Some apartment complexes will even let you sign a six-month lease, especially if you’re going to be moving in during a slow time of year, like late fall. You will often pay a slight premium for the shorter lease, but it very well might be worth a few extra bucks for six months, and you may be able to negotiate a lower deposit or a waiver of the application fee.

One item that concerns people about renting an apartment, particularly if they’re moving from a house, is what to do with all of their stuff! This is where self-storage can come to the rescue (wearing an orange cape, of course). Assuming that you’ll be using your bedroom and living room sets, a couple of TVs, the majority of your kitchen utensils, and all of your clothing, you should have little trouble packing the rest into a five foot by ten foot (5 X 10) or a 10 X 10 unit. And many moving companies will make a stop at the storage facility and unload for you. Just make sure that you have the truck packed so those items are at the back and they don’t have to unload the whole thing!

Sell your home fast.

I learned the lesson well when I tried to lease my condo after my wife and I purchased a house. We spent countless hours cleaning and organizing the condo so it would be neat and tidy for prospective renters. Even still, it wasn’t until the condo was basically empty that people really started to show interest.

This is another time when storage can help. Renting a nearby storage locker can help relieve the pressure on your closets and basement.

Moving temporarily? Travel light.

As many of our military men and women know, not all moves are permanent. Maybe you’re being sent overseas for a year or two to set up a branch office, or will be out of town for several years doing a residency, or are joining the Peace Corps. In many of these cases, people know that they’ll be moving back when the experience ends.

For moves like these, it is probably easier not to take that antique dining room set and 65” 3D television. The solution, of course, is self-storage. One small-to-medium sized unit would do the trick.

But… are storage facilities safe?

This is the biggest concern many prospective renters have, and it’s an important one. Storage facilities sometimes have the reputation of being shady and unscrupulous operators. Whether or not that was ever true is a question for another day, but in today’s world, it’s simply false for the vast majority of facilities.

Most modern companies employ professional facilities managers who live on the property and are experts in handling storage-related issues. Additionally, they employ security companies to monitor the property 24 hours, and often require a PIN to open a gate before you can even get to the units. They are usually well-lit and well-maintained. All that’s left is for you to buy is a quality lock.

The Wrap

Modern self-storage facilities are a safe, reasonable solution to many of the problems that arise during complicated moves. They offer features and convenience to meet just about anyone’s needs.



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