Would you pay for BOOKED moves?

published by on September 22, 2014For Business

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Hi Movers, we’re back at it, brainstorming and prototyping new mover offerings. Here’s the latest. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

The Idea


Consumers pay $40 for a $200 cash rebate. You get a booked move.

Consumers love discounts and are willing to pay for them. Groupon, Restaurant.com, Rent.com and others have proven this in big ways. Why not offer similar discounts to consumers when they book moves with participating movers (you!) who are willing to contribute a small percentage of your booking revenue to the discount.



Groupon Deals and Rent.com Rebate

Groupon Deals and Rent.com Rebate

How it would work:

  • MCR promotes a discount to consumers like this: Get a cash rebate on your move when you book and review your mover through MCR.
  • The consumer:
    • Purchases the discount on MCR for $40
    • Finds a qualified mover on MCR (one that is participating in the program) – for this example, let’s call them Doug’s Moving
    • Moves with Doug’s Moving and pays Doug’s Moving $800 for the services
    • Reviews Doug’s Moving on MCR
    • MCR sends the consumer a check for $200
    • Doug’s Moving pays MCR $80 for the booked move (or some other small percentage of the booked move revenue)

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Rather than pay for leads, you pay MCR for a % of the booked move cost. This way you’re only paying for jobs you’ve performed.

Like it? Have any suggestions? Want to be a beta tester? Let us know in the Comments section!


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