New Request For Quotes Feature And Post-Launch Learnings

published by on November 14, 2013For Business

When we launched our Request For Quote feature (for consumers) and subsequent MCR Referrals Program (for movers) in mid-August, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

We knew we were pumped to give consumers a way to connect with movers they wanted to hear from, and deliver free Referral business to movers with claimed listings. But truth be told, like most new product and feature launches, we were just hoping to get any results and interaction.

And did we ever. (phew!)

Now three months and more than 600 request for quotes later, we’ve learned a bit about pre-move consumers and even more about search trends on our site.

We know most of you movers have your own Request For Quote path on your sites, so we thought we’d share some nuggets from our analytics as a point of comparison. And if you’re as big of a data nerd as us, then you’ll enjoy some of these fast facts.

 MCR Request For Quote (RFQ) Findings

* The average consumer is moving from a 1450 square foot property and their new digs is an average 1770 square feet
* Most RFQs come in 18 days before the consumer’s desired move date
* The most popular destination property type is a Single Family Home
* Thirty one percent of consumers opted in to be texted by us on move day with a mover review reminder
* Seventy four percent prefer email as the main method of contact by movers
* The average consumer selects 2.2 movers to compare move quotes
* We’ve delivered Referrals from 45 U.S. States…and Calgary
* The most popular Move From state is a tie between Florida and Pennsylvania and the most popular Move To state is Florida

We’ve heard from many of you that you’ve booked moves from our Referrals. And we were thrilled to see this happy move review generated from one of our RFQs and the Referral we delivered to Welcome Home Moving Solutions.

All this Referral talk making your head spin? Get a quick refresher on what Referrals are and how to access them in your MCR account by watching this video!

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