MCR Referrals Launch: Free New Business

published by on August 27, 2013For Business

Sample screenshot of a site user's "mover quote request cart."

It’s been two weeks since we launched the ability for consumers to request a quote from selected movers. So far we’ve delivered free referrals to over 70 movers! Our site visitors are clearly in the booking-mode, with the average consumer requesting a quote 12 days before their move.

Sample screenshot of a site user's "mover quote request cart."

Sample screenshot of a site user’s “mover quote request cart.”

We hope this means we’re helping to create some happy moves along the way and delivering a win-win-win for everybody.

What’s in it for CONSUMERS?  This new approach lets ready-to-move consumers control their experience by choosing the movers they want to hear from.

What’s in it for MOVERS?  Free warm Referrals from consumers who specifically chose you for a moving estimate! How else are these Referrals different from paid leads? Read more.

What’s in it for US?  Puts us on the path toward our goal of helping to make happy moves and to become THE move-planning resource for consumers, while helping good movers grow their business.

Give us a shout at if you have questions or suggestions on how can do better. We love feedback!

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