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A Step Toward Transparency

News Flash: Most consumers don’t know if a moving company must be licensed for their move, which licenses they legally need, and that the consumer should, as part of their homework, verify a mover’s licensing as part of the hiring process.

USDOT-300x300Movers, state regulators, and mover associations have worked hard to educate the public, but I think we all can agree that there is still an enormous lack of knowledge. Most people don’t know that a moving company must have a special license from the Federal government to move their household goods across state lines. Or that their state might have their own regulations for in-state moves, too. This ignorance is partially what keeps the “rogues” in business, creating a negative view of the industry.

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple task for a consumer to verify licensing for a mover. It’s hard to know where to go for the information, and how to interpret the information — even for us here at MCR!

That’s why we created a new LICENSING & CREDENTIALS section on our Mover Profile pages.

Updates To MCR Mover Profiles

  • State-specific regulations on each mover profile page
  • US Department of Transportation (USDOT) numbers with “verify” link to the Company Snapshot on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website
  • Display of applicable state license info with “verify” link to the state licensing website or page with licensed movers
  • Display of applicable state mover association and whether or not the mover is a member, with “verify” link to the association membership roster.

First Class Example

Looking Ahead

Of course, the best thing would be for us to just come out and tell consumers: “Mover A has all the right licenses and is up to date as of this very moment; Mover B does not”. We’re getting there.

The various government entities and regulations are complicated, and access to the data is spotty, but we’re doing our best to make this information available to consumers in a way that they can use it.┬áThese enhancements will get us moving in the right direction to help consumers understand┬áthe licensing requirements for their specific move, know whether or not their mover meets those requirements, and in the end, choose a great mover and have a happy move.

With any release of data of this magnitude, there is sure to be a few things that have fallen through the cracks. Call us out on it! For movers and users of our site, we have a link on every single mover page to allow you to contact us if anything is wrong or missing. Please let us know if you see anything that is confusing.

Coming soon: Mover’s social media links, van line associations, and AMSA memberships. Stay tuned!


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