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New Email Response Feature

Convert more MCR Referrals to Booked Leads

Hey Movers,

You may have noticed a new callout in the MCR Referral notification emails you receive from us.

New Email Reply in MCR Referral Notifications

New Email Reply in MCR Referral Notifications

You can now email a consumer directly from your MCR Referral notification email to request more info or communicate next steps. Movers who respond within minutes to a quote request are significantly more likely to book a job than ones who take several hours to respond. With Email Reply, it’s easier to be the first to respond to consumers who’ve requested a quote from you.

How Email Reply Works

  • When you receive an MCR Referral Notification Email, just reply to the email.
Reply to MCR Referrals

Reply to MCR Referrals

  • Add whatever info you like to the content of the email. See the “Do’s and Don’ts” below for suggestions on what to include.
  • Any consumer responses to your email will come directly to you.
  • You’ll see these MCR Referrals under the Emailed tab in your dashboard.
  • Coming Soon: Your email history and transcripts will be available in your dashboard so you can reference full conversations.
Emailed Tab in Dashboard

Emailed Tab in Dashboard

Email Reply Do’s and Don’ts


  • Keep your replies short and sweet. Here’s what consumers want to know by email:
    • Your hourly rate and suggested number of men based on the info they provided
    • Any additional information you may need to finalize an estimate
    • Availability – Are you available on the date they requested? If not, are there alternative date(s) you can offer?
    • How should they contact you to book or get more info. Should they call you? Email you back?
  • Here’s an example of a “Do” mover response:
A Great Mover Response

A “Do” Mover Response


  • Ask the consumer to repeat all of the information they provided already to MCR. As a reminder, MCR provides you with the following for every MCR Referral:
    • Consumer name*
    • Desired move date*
    • Moving from address*
    • Moving to address*
    • Property type
    • # Beds, #Baths and Square Footage
    • Additional notes

*Consumer is required to complete these fields when submitting a Request for Quote on MCR

  • Here’s an example of a “Don’t” mover response:
A "Don't" Email Response

A “Don’t” Email Response


Status Updates 

Finally, you’ll notice a new message at the bottom of our Referral notifications. Why do we want you to reply or update the status? If we know you’re unable to accommodate a move, we’ll let the consumer know and suggest other movers. When consumers don’t hear back from movers, they get really frustrated! When you don’t reply or update your status, we think you’re not interested in receiving free MCR Referrals and may remove you from the program.

Reply or Update your Status

Reply or Update your Status

Still to Come

Some other features we have planned:

  • Ability to save templates for your business so you don’t have to cut/paste or craft new responses every time you respond to a customer.
  • Ability to save rate tables and other standard information.
  • Ability to customize your template with your company’s logo and branding.

As always, we’d love your feedback.  Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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