Caution: Questionable Mover Ahead

published by on January 16, 2014News

caution badge
Introducing the Caution Badge

To help you choose the best mover, we recently added a new feature to the site to identify movers you should avoid. Other sites have been reluctant to do this out of fear of mislabeling companies and possible backlash from impacted companies. But, our job is to make it incredibly easy for you to find great movers, which also means helping you avoid the bad ones.

It doesn’t get much clearer than this:







We’re doing a bunch of homework on our mover listings so you don’t have to, including checking that they have the licenses required to do the moves they advertise, researching any history of complaints and verifying moving association memberships (generally a sign of a good mover).

But when all is said and done, you just want to know who you can trust. The Caution symbol helps make this incredibly easy.

Our Caution Badge Criteria

A company must meet several of the criteria below to receive the symbol. We’ve found that these companies are riskier choices and warrant significant additional research before making a decision to book with them.

  • Multiple unresolved consumer complaints recorded at the state or national level
  • Company was caught by law enforcement holding goods hostage and/or committing other illegal behavior
  • Negative reviews on MCR and other review sites
  • Mover submitted fraudulent reviews on MCR
  • The address the company advertises cannot be verified and/or does not match what is on the license(s) they claim to possess
  • No state license where required
  • No USDOT/MC license where required (if their state requires, or if they claim they handle interstate moves)

You can read more about our criteria here.

Great movers are behind happy moves. Here’s to helping you find yours!

Any questions or feedback? Send it to us at

Movers: We’d love your feedback as well. And if you ever see the symbol associated with a company (yours or otherwise) that you think has been wrongly assigned, or, if there are questionable movers in your market, let us know at


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