MCR Dashboard: New Referral Status

published by on December 11, 2013For Business

New Status Codes in your Referrals Inbox

Movers, organize your MCR Referrals and give us feedback to improve the quality of our Referrals.

When you log in to your (MCR) account to retrieve your Referral contact info, you’ll now see a status drop down next to each Referral.

New Status Codes in your Referrals Inbox

New Status Codes in your Referrals Inbox






For each new Referral, we suggest you change the status by selecting from the drop down on the right. What this does:
  • Helps organize your MCR Referrals so you always see the newest Referrals when you log in. Ones you’ve already seen and/or acted upon will be removed from your “New” tab and moved in to the appropriate tab.
  • This gives us feedback on Referral quality so we can work on improving conversions for you.
This is just the first of several new features coming this month, including:
  • Status Updates from within your Referral Notification Emails – Modify status without even logging in to your dashboard.
  • More Phone Numbers for Referrals – We heard you! We’re making this the recommended form of contact so you’ll get more phone numbers.

We’ll be in touch as these new features roll out.

As always, we love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions at

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