Introducing Suggested Mover

published by on October 9, 2014For Business

Let MCR suggest your company to consumers

Picture this:

A consumer needs a moving company in your market. They come to MCR to research movers and request estimates. But instead of selecting you, they select your competitor. Maybe you don’t have quite as many reviews as they do or you’re listed a bit further down the page. Either way, you miss out on the opportunity to bid on and win that job.

Introducing Suggested Mover, a new paid offering from MCR that suggests your moving company to consumers browsing MCR.


Let MCR suggest your company to consumers

Let MCR suggest your company to consumers

You’ll always receive free Referrals on MCR when consumers choose you. But with Suggested Mover, you’ll receive increased visibility and the opportunity to provide estimates to more consumers. We’ll even show you which Referrals came from Suggested Mover placements.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09.jpg

Referrals from Suggested Mover will be highlighted in your dashboard.


Here’s more info about the offering. Shoot Denzell a call or email if you’d like to find out more: / 312-605-9934.

Talk to you soon!




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