Highlighting your Best MCR Reviews in AdWords’ Review Extensions

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sample review extensions

Google introduces a new ad option for reviews

Movers, do you purchase Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website and leads for your business? If so, take a look at the new AdWords Third Party Review Extension as a way to add credibility to your ad and increase click-throughs and conversions.

Here’s an example of the new ad extension from Google:

sample review extensions
How to set up Review Extensions for your ad
Read more about the extension and how to set it up here.  
Look for the Review Extensions option under the Ad Extensions tab in your account. You can paraphrase a review from a 3rd party site like ours, or use an exact quote. Google will approve your Review Extension within a few days. To use reviews from MCR, just include MovingCompanyReviews in the Source field and the link to your MCR Profile in the Source URL field.
adwords extension
Using your ad to drive FREE new business
One cool note: You, as the advertiser, do not pay for clicks on the publisher’s name (in this case, MCR). Therefore, using our site as your source of reviews could result in free clicks to your profile and ultimately more free MCR Referrals.
We’re here to help
Want advice on the perfect reviews snippet to use in your ad? Need help setting up the extension? Don’t know how to find your MCR profile link? Just email support@movingcompanyreviews.com with any questions.

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