Editors’ Picks : 4 Free Online Tools For Business

published by on August 5, 2014For Business


Great minds think alike.

Here at MovingCompanyReviews.com, we pride ourselves on impacting your bottom line… for free. One of the many reasons we started MCR is to provide a streamline service that connects moving companies with ready-to-move consumers. While we continue to grow our company, we’re keeping an eye on other awesome free online services that are impacting businesses in a big way.

Marketing your moving company.

Keeping a consistent message throughout your social media outlets with Hootsuite will allow your customers to better identify your brand. Using Mailchimp to deliver your brand via email, will set you apart from your competitors. Funneling customers to your Free Business Listing on MovingCompanyReviews will allow them to review you, and as a result attract potential new customers. Knowing how your company is performing by utilizing SurveyMonkey, will allow you to forecast for better results by sending followup surveys.

Click the name of the services below to check out their websites. Let us know your thoughts below!

1. Hootsuite

Manage social networks. Schedule messages automatically and engage with your followers.

You can send one post to multiple social sites instantly with Hootsuite. Target the consumers you want to help move, by having a consistent message throughout your social networks.

2. Mailchimp

MailChimp is a way to design, send, and share emails.

Everything from providing estimate requests to following up after a move can be accomplished via email.

Mailchimp provides templates to easily design around and provides insight into who’s opened your emails. Imagine the impact on your business by sending a monthly email to every customer you’ve recently moved asking them for a review or even a recommendation? Accomplish that, automatically with MailChimp.

3. MovingCompanyReviews.com

Helping Moving Companies provide quotes to ready-to-move consumers.

What’s an editors choice without including our own company right? We provide leads, and leads generate revenue. On MCR, people search for a mover in their city and send a detailed email of their move to the selected moving companies. The moving companies are then emailed the estimate request, and respond via email or phone. Free of charge. I think of MCR as a “dating website”. The same rules apply. How do you attract more leads? Be more attractive, with reviews.

4. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey allows you to build your own surveys and collect responses.

Know what your customers think about every aspect of your business by creating a survey and giving them the option to anonymously respond. That feedback is priceless. There may be small details about your company you haven’t been able to identify as a problem, that a survey may bring to your attention.


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