Coming Soon: Good-Bye Blind Leads, Hello MCR Referrals!

published by on July 26, 2013For Business


Hello movers!

We’ve heard from many of you that this is your biggest moving season in years…congrats! If you’re having to turn away business right now, it may be hard to even think about new business referrals, but we wanted to give our most loyal movers a heads up on an upcoming new feature we’re pretty excited about.

Launching in late August, MCR Referrals will let consumers easily select and be contacted by the movers THEY choose on our site. That means warm prospects coming your way!

mcr-refs-longThey’ll be more robust too. We’re leveraging our relationship with to make it super easy for consumers to provide information about their move and their home, giving you rich information to begin your estimation process (including links to active home listings, square footage details, maps, satellite views and more).

Did we mention it’s completely free to you? Silly us.

Just another way to make it easy for consumers to find great movers, because we’re all about happy moves.

Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, let us know if you’re interested in being a beta partner by shooting us an email at

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