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Promote Your Moving Services

published by on July 7, 2015For Business

Moving Services

We connect consumers with companies based on their selected moving needs (see image). This provides an awesome consumer experience, and higher quality leads for the mover.

Movers: update the Moving Services area of your business listing to appear in more search results. Our categories are Full Service, Moving Labor, Packing Services and Portable Storage Containers.

To promote the moving services you offer: Sign in > Account > Edit Business Listing > Moving Services



After updating, you’ll receive leads based on your selected services. For example, if you want labor only leads; you get labor only leads.

Here are a few FAQs from our support team:

Q: I’m currently a Suggested Mover, will updating my Moving Services change the leads I receive?

A: As a Suggested Mover you will be charged for any Suggested Leads regardless of service type. For example, if you select Full Service and Portable Storage Containers; you receive suggested leads of consumers that indicate their looking for Full Service movers and/or Portable Storage Containers.

Q: I have multiple business listings on MCR. Will changes to my ‘Moving Services’ show on all of my listings?

A: Yes – all locations will display the same moving services.

5 Fun Facts About MCR Leads

published by on April 14, 2015For Business, News

email_new_quote_request (1)
1. More than 70% of the consumers using MCR come from online searches for movers in their city

Moving Leads  from Google

This means every consumer using MCR to submit quotes is in “moving mode”. They’ve done their homework, and decided to use our site to find moving services. Our free business listings appear in online searches to attract these active consumers and drive them to MCR.


2. Consumers choose up to 5 movers. Or, we’ll suggest licensed movers for them



Movers may list their company in our national database for free. Our default search results are based on location, number of reviews and overall star rating.

On MCR, consumers choose the movers they want to hear from. Movers get free leads when consumers choose them.

We’ll also suggest qualified movers as part of our pay-per-lead program. This gives movers access to every lead in their service area.


3. We partner with to provide home details

Move Details

We standardize addresses and whenever possible, we match them with public records via to pre-populate beds, baths, square footage and home type in order to give movers more accurate information.


4. Consumers understand your brand every step of the way


Keep your brand and online reviews in front of consumers by replying directly to the quote request email. When a consumer selects your company to provide a free quote, they’ve already provided basic move details and and are ready to chat.


Make it personal, be sure to mention your required next steps (in-home estimate etc.) or price to help the consumer make a decision. Try to address any specific needs the consumer may have mentioned in their notes.


Be sure to keep your profile and online reviews up to date. Having great reviews and a high overall rating is a great way to stand out from your competition.


5. We reward consumers on their move-in day


On move-in day, we offer every consumer the opportunity to get a FREE Pizza if they come back and review their move on MCR.

We also have a program to collect reviews from your past customers, helping you focus on moves while we focus on your online reputation. Learn more about Review Advantage.



1. How do I claim my free business listing?

2. How much does it cost to join MCR?

3. What are the advertising programs and prices?

4. What are my options when contacting a consumer from a quote request?

5. Where are the Suggested Mover placements?



Editors’ Picks : 4 Free Online Tools For Business

published by on August 5, 2014For Business


Great minds think alike.

Here at, we pride ourselves on impacting your bottom line… for free. One of the many reasons we started MCR is to provide a streamline service that connects moving companies with ready-to-move consumers. While we continue to grow our company, we’re keeping an eye on other awesome free online services that are impacting businesses in a big way.

Marketing your moving company.

Keeping a consistent message throughout your social media outlets with Hootsuite will allow your customers to better identify your brand. Using Mailchimp to deliver your brand via email, will set you apart from your competitors. Funneling customers to your Free Business Listing on MovingCompanyReviews will allow them to review you, and as a result attract potential new customers. Knowing how your company is performing by utilizing SurveyMonkey, will allow you to forecast for better results by sending followup surveys.

Click the name of the services below to check out their websites. Let us know your thoughts below!

1. Hootsuite

Manage social networks. Schedule messages automatically and engage with your followers.

You can send one post to multiple social sites instantly with Hootsuite. Target the consumers you want to help move, by having a consistent message throughout your social networks.

2. Mailchimp

MailChimp is a way to design, send, and share emails.

Everything from providing estimate requests to following up after a move can be accomplished via email.

Mailchimp provides templates to easily design around and provides insight into who’s opened your emails. Imagine the impact on your business by sending a monthly email to every customer you’ve recently moved asking them for a review or even a recommendation? Accomplish that, automatically with MailChimp.


Helping Moving Companies provide quotes to ready-to-move consumers.

What’s an editors choice without including our own company right? We provide leads, and leads generate revenue. On MCR, people search for a mover in their city and send a detailed email of their move to the selected moving companies. The moving companies are then emailed the estimate request, and respond via email or phone. Free of charge. I think of MCR as a “dating website”. The same rules apply. How do you attract more leads? Be more attractive, with reviews.

4. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey allows you to build your own surveys and collect responses.

Know what your customers think about every aspect of your business by creating a survey and giving them the option to anonymously respond. That feedback is priceless. There may be small details about your company you haven’t been able to identify as a problem, that a survey may bring to your attention.


Let Us Collect Reviews For You

published by on July 2, 2014For Business

Move. Review. Reward.

Review Advantage is 30-day review collection campaign available to movers in select cities on MCR. We know it can be tough getting your consumers to review you, and often they’re more willing to provide a review to an unbiased 3rd party. With Review Advantage, we’ll use our expertise to convert your past customers into reviewers. Movers with positive reviews on MCR get ranked higher on the site and therefore get more leads.


The Goal: Book more jobs.

Generate more online reviews and rise above competitors in search results. Consumers on our site search for movers and choose who they want to provide a free quote. Make your company the easy choice with great reviews.

The Process: Move. Review. Reward.

Complete the form at the link below. If approved, we will send you a template to add the customers you would like us to contact.

Our Marketing Team will design an email template that resembles your brand and prepare to launch the review collection campaign in 1-2 business days.

To increase conversions, we’ll reward your first 10 customers who provided a verified review with a Starbucks Coffee eGift Card, instantly, via email! Learn more about us here.

The Opportunity: Better Reviews. Better Leads.


MCR Joins The Race Against Hunger

published by on June 24, 2014For Business

Join The Race
Image via

Image via is teaming up with Move For Hunger to run in the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon & 5K Mini Marathon!

Move For Hunger is a hunger relief organization that works with relocation companies to collect food and deliver it to food banks across North America.

“We have delivered over 2,914,789 meals to food banks across North America.” –

With more than 5.2 million people in Cook County, Illinois, 1 in 6 are food insecure. Your donations will directly impact Move For Hunger’s mission of eradicating hunger in the Chicagoland area. All proceeds help continue to provide meals to families.

Move For Hunger

Here’s How You Can Help:

To Donate and help support Move For Hunger:

Donate via our Fundraising Page:


To Share and help support Move For Hunger:

Suggested Facebook Update:

Help fundraise for to support more than 860,000 food insecure families in Illinois: @MovingCoReview
Suggested Tweet:

Chicago Startup @MCRforMovers is joining @MoveForHunger to #FightHunger & Run the @RunRocknRoll 5K! 
To #Donate:


Badges | Share Your Reviews

published by on May 30, 2014For Business


Let new customers know you have existing customers rooting for you, with our badges.

So… what are badges? Social media badges easily link customers to your online profiles. When used successfully, badges encourage people to choose your company over competitors.

Our badges are an eye catching, one-way ticket to your MCR business listing. They allow customers to easily research your licenses, read & write reviews, and request quotes.

Getting Started

Tip: If you have a Free Business Listing on MCR, your unique Badge Code is located within your Dashboard under “Badges”.

How to add our badges to your:

I. Website or blog

II. Email Signature

Recommended first stepSelect an option above to link to the corresponding guide below. Review and follow the instructions. Let us know if you’re having trouble at Stay savvy and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!


Adding a badge to your email signature in Microsoft Outlook.


Microsoft Outlook will require you to save the image and then link it to

Here’s how to do that in 3 steps.


Step 1. Right-click and save the badge size of your choice

Find us on Find us on Review us on Review us on

Step 2. Add the image to your signature by following the instructions in Microsoft Outlook’s Help Guide.

Step 3. Link the badge to MCR.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge – link the badge to your profile page.

ii. For the “Review Us” badge – link the badge to your review form url. This can be found at the bottom of your business listing by selecting WRITE A REVIEW.

Adding a badge to your email signature in Gmail.


Gmail will require you to add the web address of the image to your signature, and then link it to

Here’s how to do that in 3 steps.

Step 1. Copy the Image URL located next to the badge of your choice

Find us on
Review us on

Step 2. See Gmail’s Guide For Creating Signatures if you’re not sure how to access your signature. Once in your signature settings, select the image icon (circled below), then paste the Image URL of the badge in the “Image URL” box.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.47.35 AM

Step 3. Link the badge to MCR.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge – link the badge to your profile page.

ii. For the “Review Us” badge – link the badge to your review form url. This can be found at the bottom of your business listing by selecting WRITE A REVIEW.

Adding a badge to your website: HTML Code.


Step 1. Select the badge of your choice from our badge code generator.

Step 2. Paste the badge code to your website, and replace the area of the code marked “ADD YOUR URL HERE” with your profile page url or review form url. See Step 3 to locate the url’s.

Step 3. Locate your profile page url and/or review form url.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge

ii. For the “Review Us” badge


How to Attract More Customers

published by on March 5, 2014For Business


A Free Business Listing allows consumers to research your licensing, request free quotes from you and review your moving company. The best part is, it’s totally free! There are many other moving companies for consumers to choose in your market— how will you stand out from the competition? That’s where we can help.

Here’s how to attract more customers to your Free Business Listing on


1. Check Out The Competition In Your Area

  • How many photos have they uploaded?
  • How many recent reviews do they have?
  • What’s their overall rating?
  • Do they respond to reviews?
  • Are their licenses up to date?
  • Have they included social media links?
Now search for your business listing, how does it compare?


2. Claim Your Business Listing

Your company may already be listed, and can already be reviewed. You just don’t know it. By claiming your listing you’ll receive email alerts whenever a consumer writes a review or requests a quote from your business.

We recommend using an email address you monitor daily. This is where we will send all notifications and fully detailed quote requests… For free!

Get started here.


3. Drive Customers To Your Business Listing

Use our Free Badges to drive more traffic to your Free Business Listing. Your badge code is located within your Dashboard after signing in to your MCR account.



In Pre-Move Emails use “The Find Us On” Badge


In Post-Move Emails use “The Review Us” Badge

Ask for a review when you email customers their Bill Of Lading. They’ll always open it. See more tips on our Badge Guide.


4. Use Our Advertising Programs

We are constantly coming up with cool ways to help movers book more jobs and generate reviews on our site.

Our most popular program is Review Boost:

  • We’ll email your customers on your behalf and collect the review
  • We’ll thank the first 10 customers who provide a verified review with a Starbucks eGiftCard
Read more about our Advertising Programs here.


5. #BeSocial

Sharing your Free Business Listing on all of your social sites is a great way to promote your listing. Example Tweet: “Review Us for a Free Domino’s Pizza on @MCRforMovers (Add a link to your business listing here).”

Let potential new customers know you’ve got past customers rooting for you. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Exiting The Comfort Zone at the CMSA Convention

published by on May 29, 2013For Business

MCR Booth in Action

Even though the 95th Annual California Moving & Storage Association (CMSA) Convention was more than a week ago, I’m still coming down from all the great experiences and even greater folks I had the opportunity to meet.

Being new to the moving industry and to trade shows/conventions in general, I wasn’t sure what to expect as a sales guy and first-time exhibitor. With “booth setup” instructions in one hand and a Mac Book Air in the other – I, along side Mark (our Product Manager) who attended with me, decided to embrace CMSA’s theme of “exiting the comfort zone.”

MCR Booth in Action

Me and Mark ready to meet the CMSA crew in our booth!

Steve, Renee and the CMSA team did an excellent job of packing the conference with great sessions and leaving an optimistic impression among attendees. Now is a great time in moving to try new things and bring a renewed energy to the industry. To take risks and stand out from the crowd (especially those pesky bandits) and to improve the moving process.

Heck, that’s a huge part of why we started  MCR and made the transition from the real estate business. Because we wanted to work with great folks to help move the industry forward. It was great to see such a concentrated effort on the part of industry leaders to innovate. We saw this too at the recent AMSA Conference we attended in March.

Looking back, the biggest takeaway I have from the Convention was learning how CMSA (and all the terrific movers that call themselves its members) is just one big family.

CMSA speakers.

Door prize raffles

I remember setting up the booth and looking across the room at the sea of Sport Coats, and realizing that these were husbands, wives, long-time business partners and former colleagues.  They hugged and laughed and called each other by nicknames. This wasn’t a random gathering, there were genuine companions in the room.

MCR gum truck photobomb! Checking out the events.

MCR gum truck photobomb! Checking out the events.

In my day job, I talk to movers all day on the phone so I was eager to meet them face-to-face and learn more about who they are and what matters to them. After spending a few days with the CMSA crew, I learned a lot and hopefully created great relationships.

Here are some of my favorite moments and notable conversations:

  • “Bernie” or Bernadette Lance of NMS Moving Systems was the first person to stop by the booth and throughout the trip became the person I found myself chatting with about everything from business to our mutual admiration of the beach.
  • Dave Rosenberg of Priority Moving, gave me a firm smile and a handshake and quickly informed me that he’d been in sales for many years. Anyone great at sales recognizes and welcomes the candor of another salesman. I politely accepted the analytical questions and “leg-pullers” Dave asked. With arms crossed and eyes laser focused on my booth, Dave asked the trickiest question in sales, “Why?” I answered confidently  [and scripted]. Mid-sentence was cheerfully interrupted by his second question… “Why?” That time, I summed it up in a sentence. I noticed him cracking a smile and he politely asked “How?” We laughed, he gave me his business card and a few pointers about my pitch, I shook his hand and he continued along the exhibitors.
  • Fred Wallace of One Big Man One Big Truck, pulling up a chair to our booth, leaning back in his chair and asking, “What is exactly?” He laughed and joked about how he had to “take a seat” to view our one minute video explaining our business model. Fred later won a $50 Gift Card our company donated for the door prizes. He greeted me later that night at the beachside dinner with a huge smile on his face saying how he got a massage with the Gift Card. It was awesome!
  • Talking CMSA Cookbook Recipes with Megan and Sean Andersen of Andersen Van & Storage.
  • Bobbing for apples with Linda Bauer Darr of AMSA.

All of these moments, and really all the experiences I had from the Convention and witnessed other attendees having, helped me understand exactly how hard working, fun and united the moving community of the CMSA truly is. Thanks for letting us be a part of it!