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Q&A With New Jersey Mover Van Express Moving & Storage

published by on September 18, 2017For Business


We love to highlight moving companies from Moving Company Reviews.   Check out the Q&A below from Van Express Moving & Storage, a Fairfield NJ mover  with a bunch of great reviews.  Answering the questions is Lazhar Berkat, the owner.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and Van Express Moving & Storage?

Van Express is a licensed & insured New Jersey moving company. We provide moving services from a simple residential home moves to the more logistics business and office moves. We also offer Long Distance moving services.


What sets you apart?
At Van Express, we offer professional and well trained movers. We will make sure your move will be as flawless and as stress-free as possible.


How did you get started and why?

Van Express LLC is a family owned Company since 2010, my wife and I (Lazhar) started it because we saw how moving companies scams people. And we wanted to create an honest company moving company.


What’s the best business decision you made in the last year?

Teaming up with a MCR .


Why did you choose to become a customer?

We have been working with for years. Not only do they provide quality leads and verified reviews, but they are always willing to work to meet our individual business needs.

What’s the strangest or funniest thing you have ever moved?

A guy once called me and asked: – Can you move a shark?
My first reaction, I thought he was kidding but it turned out, it was real SHARK. Needless to say, that move did not happen.


Any parting words or advice for our readers?

Do your research, provide as much information as you can to the movers upfront and get quotes in writing. Also, purge as much as you can before you move, you don’t want to pay to move stuff you don’t need.



Q&A With Fort Lauderdale Movers Summit Van Lines

published by on August 29, 2017For Business


We love to highlight moving companies from Moving Company Reviews.   Check out the Q&A below from Summit Van Lines, a Fort Lauderdale mover with a bunch of great reviews.  Answering the questions is Guy Shoshan, the owner.


Can you tell us a bit about Summit Van Lines? What sets you apart?

Summit Van Lines has been in business for over 17 years with an exceptional A+ Rating with the BBB. We are fully licensed, bonded & insured. All of our employees are fully covered under Workers Compensation. We specialize in high end commercial and residential moves. Our goal is to provide our clients with a top notch relocation experience and service. We are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.

Why did you choose to become a customer?

We chose to become a customer because it is the only review website that is verified, so random people cannot post false reviews.


What’s the strangest or funniest thing you have ever moved?

The strangest thing we ever moved would have to be someone’s ashes in a urn.

Q&A With Olympia Moving and Storage – a great Chicago Mover.

published by on August 8, 2017For Business


We love to highlight great moving companies.   Olympia Moving in Chicago joins us for this post.   Answering the questions is Roey Hazot, their Director of Sales and Marketing.   

Can you tell us a bit about Olympia Moving and Storage? What sets you apart?

Olympia Moving is a customer-forward and transparent (HHGS) household goods relocation company that regularly pushes the limits to bring in new business and simplifies the transition for those moving. We are one of the few advocates clearing the looming cloud hovering over our industry, the one that makes people shudder and utter “moving.” I promise you moving isn’t stressful when the right amount of planning goes into it!

What is the best business decision you made in the last year?

Hopefully our competition doesn’t see this! Our best decision was putting focus on industry-specific startups. We’ve been busy partnering with as many new consumer-focused apps and startups as we can. Our market is evolving and it is imperative that we be at the forefront of imminent change.

Why did you choose to become an MCR partner?

Moving Company Reviews captures two things perfectly: 1) an index of all peer-vetted moving companies and 2) an accurate and reliable review platform. We needed you before we knew you existed, but more so, people shopping movers needed you. Thank you, Moving Company Reviews!

What is an interesting moving story you have?

“Moving sucks” admitted Doug Breaker, co-founder of MCR, until he used Olympia Moving, that is. As we normally do, our reps called their daily list of prospective transferees. A name that blended in with the rest—Doug’s—was part of that day’s prospects. Fast forward a few weeks and another happy customer was moved. Long story short, Doug truly believes in his platform, used a company with stellar reviews and had an excellent experience because of it.

Doug’s blog post:

Olympia’s blog post:

Any parting words or advice for our readers?

Short and sweet:

1)    Do research and use the best consumer tools given to you (MCR and BBB)

2)    Call movers directly, if possible, instead of putting your information on lists

3)    Always get it in writing; a verbal promise is not the same as having it put on your estimate/contract



The Long Road Awaits: Moving With Your Vehicle

published by on June 5, 2013Before You Move Tips


Moving poses many different challenges. Are you going to hire a big van line? Will you need storage? When is your new home going to be ready? With all these issues to deal with, it’s easy to lose sight of another potentially important decision for one of your largest possessions: your car.

Literally right in the middle of our move

Literally right in the middle of our move

Your car can be tough to live without, especially in the middle of a major transition like a cross-country move. It can be the best way to get around and also serves as your command center on the road. When my fiancee and I made the move from Chicago to Santa Monica, we ultimately decided to drive ourselves.

Here are some tips from our personal experience that may help you make the decision on driving yourself or shipping your car.

We had our possessions shipped in a container to California and hit the road. Shipping your things is usually done through a portable storage unit company, many of which specialize in caring for and delivering households on the move. Depending on the company, you might have to pack the container yourself but the company will deliver your unit to your destination.

If driving cross country is not your thing, you can also consider packing your essentials into a suitcase and flying out. There are different ways to get your car from point A to point B without having to drive. Car shipping companies are one option, another one is a driveaway service. A driveaway service is where you leave your car with a hired driver, paying a base rate for the driver and sometimes compensation for fuel and mileage.

We did our homework before our move, and there are a lot of great deals out there. If you choose to have a second party transfer your vehicle, check with your insurance provider to see if there are any special policies for automobile shipments.

Santa Monica Route 66 end

At the end of our journey!

We ended up having a great time taking Route 66 from beginning to end. We planned ahead and brought stuff in the car like the internet router and bedding that helped make the first few nights at the house a little better. I hope that whatever choice you make, your move turns out as well as ours!

BONUS – You’re going to need a pick-me-up at the end of a long trip. Review your mover before June 30 and receive a $5 Starbucks eGift Card!


What I Forgot During My Move

published by on May 13, 2013Before You Move Tips

Having gone through a recent move, I know how stressful the weeks leading up to and moving day can be. To help alleviate that stress for others, I took notes on some of the things I wish I had known about before I started packing.

Hold On To Your Keys – this seems like an obvious one but when you’re moving nothing is in its usual place. Be sure to keep your keys in your pocket or in a designated area otherwise you might be digging through boxes looking for them.

Garbage Bags, Everywhere! – When we were moving, these went fast! We obviously used them to take out garbage, but they also made for a cheap and convenient way to protect pillows and blankets as they went into boxes.  We used so many that when we got to our new home we were all out. I’d suggest either having a back up supply or ordering some online to meet you at your new home.

Cleaning Supplies – A lot of cleaning supplies are aerosol or caustic and were not allowed to be packed into our moving truck with us. We ended up giving all of these to a friend as the other option was throwing them away. I found it was really helpful to keep a list of these to make sure we could buy all of the ones we were now missing when we got to your new home.

**Helpful hint: As we discarded or used up items that couldn’t be brought with us, I found it very useful to keep a running list on the Amazon iphone app under their “Wish List” tab. That way I was ready to order all of the replacement items and have them waiting for me at my new address.

Disconnect Utility Services In Advance – All of our utility companies let us schedule our service disconnect which was really helpful to do a couple weeks in advance and not have to worry about paying for services we were no longer using.

Change of Address – Another no brainer which is easy to take care of weeks before your move. The USPS lets you set the date to start forwarding items to your new address after your move date, so go ahead and schedule this as soon as you have an address. That way you won’t miss any important mail! Start here.

Help me make this list better and share some of your helpful hints from your moving experiences!

Review Your Mover and Get A Free Coffee

published by on February 9, 2013After You Move Tips

Moving season is upon us! Millions of Americans move between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Are you planning to be part of the “mass exodus” this summer?

If you’re hiring movers to help with your move, we want to hear from you!

As part of our mission to help people find great movers on, we want to hear about your real experiences. We want the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly. You’ll have our undying gratitude, and a free treat to help you unwind after a successful move.

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Recently moved? Review your mover starting May 20 and be sure to upload your move receipt or Bill of Lading. We only post real reviews from real moves.

Moving before June 30? Sign up for a move reminder on our site and we’ll remind you a few days after your move to come back and review your mover. You’ll get your gourmet coffee as soon as we verify your review.

Moved a while ago and still have your move receipt? Great! Review your mover starting May 20 and you’ll be eligible for your caffeine fix too.

Thanks for helping us deliver real reviews and creating happy moves. Hope everyone has a safe and happy move!

*Official Rules and Restrictions

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