6 Ways to Start Fresh in Your New Neighborhood

published by on October 7, 2014After You Move Tips


According to MovingCompanyReviews.com data, the busiest month of the year to move is August, and the top three days to move in 2014 were August 29, August 30 and September 27. With the hectic experience of moving behind you, it’s time to enjoy your new home and neighborhood. We’ve compiled the top ways to start fresh in your new city as you settle into your new home.

1.) Starting fresh with safety: If you moved to a city with many new neighborhoods to explore, familiarize yourself with the individual neighborhood before you visit. Use a safety app like the CrimeReports app (iOS/Android, Free) to access real-time information on neighborhood level crime and sex offender information. The app gives you access to official crime information for more than 1,200 participating law enforcement agencies across North America and sex offender data for all 50 states. If your new city’s police department participates, you can sign up for free, and receive automated crime updates directly on your device.

2.) Starting fresh with the kids: If you moved with kids, visit kidscore.com to discover kid friendly places and amenities close by, and read reviews from other parents. The site also rates areas ranging from “Kid Heaven” to “Kids Not Welcome.” KidScore™ lets you look up a nearby activities and attractions, including food, shopping, health, hotels, etc., and gives you it’s KidScore™.

3.) Starting fresh with the necessities: Use the Around Me (iOS/Android, Free) app to become a neighborhood veteran in no time. The app provides you with the distance to the nearest restaurants, pharmacies, movie theatres, hospitals, banks, etc.

4.) Starting fresh on foot: The Walk Score (iOS/Android, Free) app is great for city dwellers. Walk Score tells you what parts of the neighborhood are most walkable and the walking directions to your desired location. It uses GPS, so you don’t need to enter in any addresses. Walk Score rates each neighborhood up to 100, so the higher the score, the more walkable the neighborhood. Bonus: After you’ve worked up an appetite from exploring your new neighborhood on foot, review your mover on MovingCompanyReviews.com to receive a free pizza!

5.) Starting fresh with security: Once you’ve settled into your new home, make sure to protect your investment. Buy the iCam app ($4.99, iPhone and Android) to easily monitor multiple home security cameras directly from your smartphone. If the motion sensor is triggered on the camera, you will receive a notification on your phone and you can watch a live video of what’s happening in your home when you step out for a few hours, or for an extended amount of time.

6.) Starting fresh with decorating: Put your personal stamp on your new house and use the Houzz app (iOS/Android, Free) to browse photos of professionally designed rooms; find local pros (design, landscaping, building etc.), access an endless number of suppliers (appliances, bedding, bath, garden, kitchen, etc.); create IdeaBooks; and start a discussion to get professional help on your design dilemmas.

Looking for more post move tips to settle into your new area? Check out the the five tips for navigating your new neighborhood.

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