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6 Ways for Kids to Stay in Touch With Friends After Moving

published by on October 29, 2014After You Move Tips


Moving to a new home, town and school can be difficult for children, especially if they are leaving friends behind. Below are six ways your kids can stay in touch with friends after moving into a new neighborhood. Use these tips to make the transition to your new town as seamless as possible.

1.) Pen pal 2.0: Setting up an email account for your child is an easy way to help them stay in touch with friends. If you’re not ready to give them full Internet freedom, use a kids’ email application like Tocomail to monitor their emails and contact list.

2.) Get social: Letting your child use social media is a big step for any parent. Take baby steps by creating a profile for your child on Yoursphere or KidzWorld. These kid-friendly social networks allow you to monitor your child’s online activity and lets them share updates with their BFF back home.

3.) Start new traditions: Creating new traditions post-move is a great way for your kids to maintain long-distance friendships. For example, your child can share photos of their life in your new home by using Postagram (iOS, Android/Free) to send a postcard of any photo to their friend for $0.99 cents.

4.) Digital study sessions: Help your child and former classmates reconnect through their school work. Use Google Hangouts to set up weekly chat sessions where they can discuss their upcoming science fair projects or summer reading lists. Tip: This idea works best for in-state moves where the curriculum is similar from school to school.

5.) Work with their teacher: Moving mid-school year can be stressful on younger children who have bonded with their classmates. Work with your child’s former teacher to set up a Flat Stanley project so they can keep in touch with every classmate in a fun way. After the project is completed, use an app like Polagram (iOS, Android/Free) to print each student’s Flat Stanley photo on a poster for your child to hang in their room as a keepsake.

6.) Plan a trip: If you are close enough, arrange time to visit with old friends. Use the Roadtrippers app (iOS, Android/Free) to find a point of interest between your old town and new town that both families can enjoy.

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5 Ways to Decorate Your New Home for Less

published by on October 21, 2014After You Move Tips

Kitchen and Dining area

After paying moving expenses (think: labor, storage and insurance costs), the last thing you want to do is spend money on expensive home decor. We’ve compiled budget friendly decorating tips to turn your house into a home for less. Use these tips to add a personal touch to your new space without breaking the bank.

1.) Reuse and repurpose: If your old furniture looks worn, repurpose it to add renewed appeal. A fresh coat of paint or stain can turn a dilapidated dresser into a statement piece for your living room. Old dining room chairs will transition seamlessly to your new formal dining area after an easy reupholstering project. Feeling uninspired? Head to Pinterest for thousands of great DIY ideas.

2.) Create multi-functional spaces: One way to save when decorating is to create multipurpose spaces throughout your home. Instead of furnishing a home office, create a computer area in your living room where office materials can be easily stored and accessed. If you rarely entertain, forgo a formal dining room for a casual (and less expensive) eating area.

3.) Save on appliances: Updating appliances can be a huge cost when moving into a new home. Avoid sticker shock by purchasing floor models or by mixing different brands. Another way to save on pricier models is to wait until a major sale. With Black Friday approaching, this could be an easy way to get the appliances you want for a bargain price.

4.) Avoid trends: Stay away from decor trends, to avoid the need to replace in the near future. If it’s a trend that you see everywhere from Pinterest to Target, it is likely it is a passing fad and not worth your money.

5.) Monitor home décor sites: If you’re looking to incorporate investment items into your home without the investment price tag, visit online flash sale sites One Kings Lane and Joss & Main to score designer furniture, appliances and other home goods for drastically reduced prices. Use these sites to purchase items like artwork, unique furniture and high thread-count bedding.

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Top Cities with the Scariest Movers

published by on October 20, 2014Before You Move Tips


Moving can be scary enough – packing, address changes, purchasing what seems to be an endless supply of boxes. Avoid a nightmarish move by being extra precautious in the cites with the scariest movers (based on verified reviews with the lowest rated movers – as defined by two stars or less and/or the most caution flags). If you’re moving in one of these cities, visit, to find the top rated movers in your area to avoid your own moving horror story.

1.) New York: 44% of movers had 2 stars or less (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

2.) Houston: 38% of movers had 2 stars or less (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

3.) Miami: 31% of movers had caution flags (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

4.) Chicago: 20% of movers had 2 stars or less (as determined by verified consumer reviews).

Scariest Moving Tactics:

1.) If a mover is not licensed for the services they advertise.

How to conquer your fear: Visit to verify if a mover’s services are licensed.

2.) If a mover has multiple names or addresses listed online.

How to conquer your fear: MCR displays a caution flag on listings for suspicious movers. Also, perform a web search for the mover’s name and address. If results return multiple names for the same address, or if the street view is a storefront or home (and not a real place of business) run the other way.

3.) If a mover has bad reviews on reputable review sites

How to conquer your fear: Visit to see if other consumers have submitted a verified review for the mover in question. You can see how many stars the mover has, if the mover has a caution flag, and if the mover is licensed and insured.

4.) If they don’t provide a written estimate

How to conquer your fear: Require that any mover you hire provides a written estimate. If the mover declines this request, you’re more at risk for surprise charges.

5.) If the quote provided is significantly less than competitive quotes

How to conquer your fear: Get three quotes before you make your final decision. A scary mover might also lowball an estimate only to surprise you with charges on moving day, or even hold your items hostage until you’ve paid the higher amount. Avoid any quote that seems too good to be true.

6.) If the movers show up with an unmarked truck. This suggests that they’ve rented the truck and have uninsured and untrained workers performing the services.

How to conquer your fear: Choose a mover whose trucks you’ve seen around the neighborhood. They’re more likely to be a legitimate mover that others in your area have trusted.

7.) If the movers don’t come to your home to provide an in-home estimate for a large or interstate move.

How to conquer your fear: Don’t hire a mover who won’t come to your home to assess what the estimate will be if your move is an expensive one. An in-home estimate is the best way to make sure the mover completely understands what will involved in the job, helping you to avoid surprise charges.

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Introducing Suggested Mover

published by on October 9, 2014For Business

Let MCR suggest your company to consumers

Picture this:

A consumer needs a moving company in your market. They come to MCR to research movers and request estimates. But instead of selecting you, they select your competitor. Maybe you don’t have quite as many reviews as they do or you’re listed a bit further down the page. Either way, you miss out on the opportunity to bid on and win that job.

Introducing Suggested Mover, a new paid offering from MCR that suggests your moving company to consumers browsing MCR.


Let MCR suggest your company to consumers

Let MCR suggest your company to consumers

You’ll always receive free Referrals on MCR when consumers choose you. But with Suggested Mover, you’ll receive increased visibility and the opportunity to provide estimates to more consumers. We’ll even show you which Referrals came from Suggested Mover placements.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09.jpg

Referrals from Suggested Mover will be highlighted in your dashboard.


Here’s more info about the offering. Shoot Denzell a call or email if you’d like to find out more: / 312-605-9934.

Talk to you soon!




6 Ways to Start Fresh in Your New Neighborhood

published by on October 7, 2014After You Move Tips


According to data, the busiest month of the year to move is August, and the top three days to move in 2014 were August 29, August 30 and September 27. With the hectic experience of moving behind you, it’s time to enjoy your new home and neighborhood. We’ve compiled the top ways to start fresh in your new city as you settle into your new home.

1.) Starting fresh with safety: If you moved to a city with many new neighborhoods to explore, familiarize yourself with the individual neighborhood before you visit. Use a safety app like the CrimeReports app (iOS/Android, Free) to access real-time information on neighborhood level crime and sex offender information. The app gives you access to official crime information for more than 1,200 participating law enforcement agencies across North America and sex offender data for all 50 states. If your new city’s police department participates, you can sign up for free, and receive automated crime updates directly on your device.

2.) Starting fresh with the kids: If you moved with kids, visit to discover kid friendly places and amenities close by, and read reviews from other parents. The site also rates areas ranging from “Kid Heaven” to “Kids Not Welcome.” KidScore™ lets you look up a nearby activities and attractions, including food, shopping, health, hotels, etc., and gives you it’s KidScore™.

3.) Starting fresh with the necessities: Use the Around Me (iOS/Android, Free) app to become a neighborhood veteran in no time. The app provides you with the distance to the nearest restaurants, pharmacies, movie theatres, hospitals, banks, etc.

4.) Starting fresh on foot: The Walk Score (iOS/Android, Free) app is great for city dwellers. Walk Score tells you what parts of the neighborhood are most walkable and the walking directions to your desired location. It uses GPS, so you don’t need to enter in any addresses. Walk Score rates each neighborhood up to 100, so the higher the score, the more walkable the neighborhood. Bonus: After you’ve worked up an appetite from exploring your new neighborhood on foot, review your mover on to receive a free pizza!

5.) Starting fresh with security: Once you’ve settled into your new home, make sure to protect your investment. Buy the iCam app ($4.99, iPhone and Android) to easily monitor multiple home security cameras directly from your smartphone. If the motion sensor is triggered on the camera, you will receive a notification on your phone and you can watch a live video of what’s happening in your home when you step out for a few hours, or for an extended amount of time.

6.) Starting fresh with decorating: Put your personal stamp on your new house and use the Houzz app (iOS/Android, Free) to browse photos of professionally designed rooms; find local pros (design, landscaping, building etc.), access an endless number of suppliers (appliances, bedding, bath, garden, kitchen, etc.); create IdeaBooks; and start a discussion to get professional help on your design dilemmas.

Looking for more post move tips to settle into your new area? Check out the the five tips for navigating your new neighborhood.