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Badges | Share Your Reviews

published by on May 30, 2014For Business


Let new customers know you have existing customers rooting for you, with our badges.

So… what are badges? Social media badges easily link customers to your online profiles. When used successfully, badges encourage people to choose your company over competitors.

Our badges are an eye catching, one-way ticket to your MCR business listing. They allow customers to easily research your licenses, read & write reviews, and request quotes.

Getting Started

Tip: If you have a Free Business Listing on MCR, your unique Badge Code is located within your Dashboard under “Badges”.

How to add our badges to your:

I. Website or blog

II. Email Signature

Recommended first stepSelect an option above to link to the corresponding guide below. Review and follow the instructions. Let us know if you’re having trouble at Stay savvy and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!


Adding a badge to your email signature in Microsoft Outlook.


Microsoft Outlook will require you to save the image and then link it to

Here’s how to do that in 3 steps.


Step 1. Right-click and save the badge size of your choice

Find us on Find us on Review us on Review us on

Step 2. Add the image to your signature by following the instructions in Microsoft Outlook’s Help Guide.

Step 3. Link the badge to MCR.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge – link the badge to your profile page.

ii. For the “Review Us” badge – link the badge to your review form url. This can be found at the bottom of your business listing by selecting WRITE A REVIEW.

Adding a badge to your email signature in Gmail.


Gmail will require you to add the web address of the image to your signature, and then link it to

Here’s how to do that in 3 steps.

Step 1. Copy the Image URL located next to the badge of your choice

Find us on
Review us on

Step 2. See Gmail’s Guide For Creating Signatures if you’re not sure how to access your signature. Once in your signature settings, select the image icon (circled below), then paste the Image URL of the badge in the “Image URL” box.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.47.35 AM

Step 3. Link the badge to MCR.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge – link the badge to your profile page.

ii. For the “Review Us” badge – link the badge to your review form url. This can be found at the bottom of your business listing by selecting WRITE A REVIEW.

Adding a badge to your website: HTML Code.


Step 1. Select the badge of your choice from our badge code generator.

Step 2. Paste the badge code to your website, and replace the area of the code marked “ADD YOUR URL HERE” with your profile page url or review form url. See Step 3 to locate the url’s.

Step 3. Locate your profile page url and/or review form url.

i. For the “Find Us On” badge

ii. For the “Review Us” badge


Movers: What you need to know about MCR reviews

published by on May 21, 2014For Business


We all know that positive reviews can increase consumer interest in your business and lead to more booked moves. At MCR, we go out of our way to ensure our reviews are honest and real so that people looking to move can make an informed decision.

The list below will help you understand what you can do to increase your reviews on MCR, how we decide when not to post reviews, and what you need to know about our reviews policy:

I want more reviews! What can I do?

A great place to start is to place an MCR “Review Us” badge in your customer communications and on your website. You can also take advantage of our Review Advantage offering, where we’ll collect reviews on your behalf. Contact Denzell or Heather at to learn more.


How long does it take a new review to appear on my listing?

Most reviews are posted within 24-48 hours after undergoing our moderation process.

My incredibly happy customer reviewed us, but it’s been days and their review hasn’t been posted.

Most likely, their review was rejected by our moderation process.

Moderation process? That sounds like another word for filtering.

Sadly, review fraud is all too common. Therefore, we employ measures to protect the integrity of our reviews. Each review undergoes both a manual and automatic fraud detection process. We do our absolute best to ensure every real review is posted, but occasionally a valid review will be flagged as fraudulent. We believe this is a risk worth taking to ensure our reviews are always authentic. You can read more about our reviews policy here.

Remember: NEVER REVIEW YOURSELF. Submitting fraudulent reviews for your business could result in a lower ranking on MCR and a caution badge next to your listing.

I received an email from MCR asking me to respond to a review of my company. How should I respond?

If someone raved about you, post a genuine thank you. A heartfelt, personal note can go a long way in ensuring a repeat customer and standing out with other prospects. The Professionals in Chicago do an excellent job at this.

The Profs Response

If someone wrote a negative review about you, use this as an opportunity to display your professionalism to potential customers.

This is your chance to tell your side of the story and to apologize if warranted. Take a deep breath and think before you respond. Of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to an unhappy customer directly. You want to avoid making the customer feel like the only way to be heard is by “going public.”

And the #1 rule for MCR reviews is…

Provide outstanding service. Do such an amazing job that your customers can’t wait to tell others about you. Believe us, it happens! 

Preparing Your Home for an Open House

published by on May 7, 2014After You Move Tips

An open house can be an effective way to get people into your home so they can see it for themselves, fall in love with it and buy it. While some realtors are forgoing the open house, others continue to embrace it as an effective part of an overall sales strategy. If you are going to have an open house, these tips will help you prepare your home so it shines for the potential buyers who will walk through.

Clean, Clean and Clean Again

For your open house, your home needs to sparkle. Start cleaning a few days ahead of time and focus on problem areas, like your kitchen or bathrooms, which tend to get dirty the quickest. After al that cleaning, be sure that strong-smelling chemical odors aren’t lingering in the air by the time of your open house. Work to make sure the home looks and smells as close to new as possible.

Remove Signs of Pets

You love your dog or cat, but a potential buyer doesn’t want to wonder whether or not your pet has left some unexpected surprises behind. Remove all signs of your pet from the home, such as the litter box, toys or food dishes. Make arrangements for your pet to be housed somewhere else on the day of the open house.

Give the Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

Before the open house, take a look around your home. Are there areas where you need a fresh coat of paint? Touch up these areas. If you have time and rooms need a new coat entirely, go ahead and do it. This will be money and time well spent as your home looks more appealing to potential buyers.

Depersonalize Your Home

That family portrait hanging above the mantle may make you smile every time you look at it, but a potential buyer doesn’t feel the same way. In fact, it might detract from your ability to sell the home. The potential buyer sees it as “your” home when your family’s pictures are on display everywhere. Take down personal mementos and photographs while you have your open house. Leave them down while the home is on the market to improve your chances of a fast sale.

Add Some New Towels

Are the towels in your kitchen and bathrooms a little worn and dated? They may still be functional, but they can detract from your ability to entice buyers to buy your home. Buy some thick, fluffy towels to hang in these areas to give them that polished, ready-to-live-in look that buyers want.

Set the Table

Have you ever toured a model home? Think about the table. Chances are it was set, at least in part. Why is this? A set table makes the buyer envision family dinners and dinner parties at the home. Pull out some decorative plates, placemats and a centerpiece, and set the table before you leave the home during the open house. If the table has seen better days, thrown on a neutral tablecloth for good measure.

Place Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers, provided they aren’t overly fragrant, can bring color and interest to the space. They make your home look like it is well cared for, and provide the attention to detail that will spark the interest of potential buyers.

Remove the Clutter

If your home is a bit too full of “stuff,” take time to remove some of that clutter. De-cluttering your home will make a big difference in how inviting and open it feels. As you de-clutter, consider your furniture. Do you need to make room by removing some of your furnishings? Rent a storage locker and put some of your items there so you can better stage your home and make it look appealing to buyers. In fact, if you can eliminate about half of your belongings, you will be in better shape for the open house.

Showcase Your Storage Space

Your open house is not a time to shove everything into a closet and slam the door, hoping it stays. People are going to be opening your cabinets, drawers and closets. They need to see organization. These spaces need to feel large and adequate to hold the potential buyer’s extra stuff.

Some of the things you will do for your home, such as putting out flowers, are minor, while others, like painting, are a bit more involved. Some are obvious, but others are surprising. If you take the time to give attention to each one, you will see more interest from your open house, and that interest could quickly lead to your home selling at a fair price.

Guest Contribution From:

Phil Henderson, President of Henderson Properties, a family-owned real estate agency that focuses on home sales services and property management in the greater Charlotte area.


Seven Amazing Packing Hacks For Moving

published by on May 6, 2014Before You Move Tips

Give a kid an empty moving box and they can barely contain their excitement. It can be a fort, a robot or even a racecar…the possibilities are endless. But to us grown ups, empty moving boxes mean countless hours and the painful process of fitting our lives (and homes) into pieces of cardboard.

There’s no way around actually packing up your stuff. But here are our top home packing hacks to help you move like a boss.

7. Pack your dishes on their side

Pros know the best way to prevent chips and damage to your dinnerware is to pack them vertically on their side, not stacked on top of each other. Make sure you use plenty of wrap paper or bubble wrap in between each layer too for extra padding.

6. Put a little plastic wrap on your toiletries

Unscrew the caps of your shampoos, soaps, lotions and anything else that might spill during the move. Cover the opening with a piece of plastic wrap and then secure the caps on your bottles over the plastic. Only takes a second but can save you lots of extra cleanup!

5. Pack small hardware into bags and label for each piece of furniture

It’s hard enough taking apart your bed, dining table and any other large pieces of furniture to make it fit into the moving truck or in the doorway of your new home. Save yourself the hassle when it’s time to put it all back together by placing all hardware for each piece of furniture in individual Ziploc bags, then clearly labeling them. Keep all bags together so re-assembly is a breeze when you’re ready.

4. Color code your boxes and rooms to match

Use colored labels or tape to clearly mark the contents of each box for the room it’s designated for. Then make it easy for your movers to unload by labeling each door or entrance to the room to match the labels on the box (i.e. pink for kitchen, blue for living room etc.). Don’t forget to label on the sides, not tops of your boxes, so you can read them even when your boxes are stacked.

3. Secure contents in drawers with stretch plastic wrap

If you want to keep items in their respective drawers, simply wrap plastic wrap securely around it to make sure it stays in place. This works for portable organizers like silverware trays or securing dresser drawers from sliding in transit. No unpacking necessary, just peel and you’re ready to go.

2. Pack sturdy books and other small, sturdy items in a roll-away suitcase

Don’t worry about breaking your boxes that are overloaded with heavy hardcovers and your extensive DVD collection. Just put them in your suitcase and wheel it away.

 1. Take a picture of your electronics before disconnecting

It only takes a minute or two to disconnect any cables and components for your TV and other electronics. But if you’re not sure how to put it all back together, it can cost you a frustratingly long time. Avoid this by taking a quick picture of the backs of your electronics before you disconnect them so you have a visual cheat sheet for where everything goes when it’s time to put it all back together.

Top 10 Moving Day Tips

published by on May 5, 2014Move Day Tips


After weeks of coordination, prep and careful planning, it’s finally here. Moving Day! Keep these stress-buster tips in mind for a successful move.

10. Pack a first night kit

You have a long day ahead of you, and the last thing you want to root through boxes for is essentials at bedtime. Pack a bag, clear bin or box that’s easily accessible with everything you need for your first night in your new home: change of clothes, bedding, comfort items for kids, snacks etc.

9. Label your boxes

It’s common to label your boxes with what it contains, but be sure to also clearly mark which ROOM they’re designated for as well. Write or apply labels on all sides, that way you’ll be able to read them when boxes are stacked and easily direct the movers as they unload.

8. Take a pic of your electronics before disconnecting 

You might be in a hurry to get everything packed and loaded on the truck, but take a minute to snap a picture of the back of your TV, computer and any electronics with complicated wires and hook-ups. Now you’ll have a visual cheat sheet for how to hook everything back up at your new place.

7. Empty and defrost your fridge for 24 hours before you move

Remove everything from your fridge and give it a thorough cleaning before unplugging it at least a day before your move. The last thing you want to welcome into your new home is unpleasant smells.

6. Keep high value items with you, not in the moving truck

Even if you have move protection, you likely have precious heirlooms or sentimental items that are irreplaceable. Keep these with you and plan to transport them in your car so you don’t have to worry about potential damage or loss. This includes sensitive documents such as financial info.

5. Give yourself plenty of time to get the job done right 

This seems overly simple, but you can save yourself a lot of stress by starting your day early and leaving plenty of room for each critical step of the move process. Move day should be focused on moving out of your old home and into your new one. Don’t limit your time window by adding on extra coordination headaches, such as utility set up.

4. Know your inventory 

Your moving company will provide you with an inventory confirmation and Bill of Lading, which details everything that should be moved that day. Look over all paperwork carefully and don’t sign anything you don’t feel 100% about, it’s never too late to ask questions. It’s also a good idea to know how many boxes you’ve packed so you can make sure all your belongings arrive at your destination.

3. Keep cleaning supplies and garbage bags handy 

With lots of foot traffic in and out of the house, unpacking and potentially anything left behind by prior residents, it doesn’t hurt to have cleaning supplies handy to get your new digs move-in ready. Your kitchen and the bathrooms will probably be the most used throughout the day, so start there.

2. Clear any obstacles for your mover 

If you’re moving to a house, the moving truck can probably park out front. But if you live in an area with limited street parking and other regulations, make sure you have a spot for your movers to safely park and have secured proper permits if needed. Same goes for reserving an elevator if you live in a condo – the idea is to help your movers do their job. Efficiency will translate in cost savings for you, if the movers can finish on time or even before your estimated window.

1. Get FREE pizza on move day by reviewing your mover

The last thing you want to worry about today is putting food on the table. Haven’t unpacked your cookware yet? No problem! Get FREE Domino’s pizza today when you review your mover and provide a move receipt. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you :)